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TUTU DU MONDE  BEBE JAIPUR TUTU DRESS  Inspired by the colourfully regal beauty of "The Pink City," the Jaipur Tutu Dress in Milk features a jaunty collection of bows and beads decorating the fitted bodice, teamed with delicate tulle ruffles on the adjustable straps for ease. A ruffled tulle skirt...
TUTU DU MONDE  BEBE CAPRI TUTU DRESS Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Italian sunsets, the Capri Tutu dress features an asymmetrically-layered skirt that cascades down from an elasticised waist, creating wave like movement when worn. A shoulder ruffle is stitched atop one of the adjustable straps for added elegance,...
CICCINO GIORGIA BABY GIRL DRESS Adorable Giorgia dress laced, velvet collar, velvet sleeves with petal flowers on the waist. Zipper on the back, with stepped polka dot tulle layers for high volume and a cotton voile underskirt. Timeless dress for a special occasion. Pair with the gorgeous Giorgia Shoes.
CICCINO AURORA DRESS   Adorable Aurora Ciccino dress laced with sequenced flowers and bow attached.  Zipper on the back, with stepped tulle layers for high volume and a cotton voile underskirt.Timeless dress for a special occasion.
CICCINO  GIULIA BABY GIRL DRESS ADORABLE Giulia BABY GIRL fur chested dress, velvet collar, silhouette laced ribbon with crystals attached. Zipper on the back. Timeless dress for a special occasion. Made in Italy. 
CICCINO  ROSA BABY GIRL DRESS  Ciccino Rosa Flower Dress is perfect for a special occasion. BEUTIFUL contrast fabric, short sleeve, lace petal flowers on the side, overlap collar, invisible zipper.
CICCINO MADELINE PLAID DRESS  Ciccino Girls Madeline Plaid And Velvet Bows Dress